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Тренируем аудирование: слушаем разные интервью и делаем к ним тесты. Yo te amo or simply Te amo, depends on how you feel that day. Learning how to say good afternoon in Spanish will help make you more approachable in your travels and also help you sound sincere.Lets go ahead and a take a look at some examples of how to say good afternoon in Spanish. Good afternoon, is Mrs. Smith there? 15. How Do You Say Z In Spanish? 16. What Do Stress And Accents Mean In Spanish?When I refer to Spanish in Spain, I mean Spanish spoken with the accent used in Spain. South-American Spanish the kind you usually hear in movies, is the most straightforward to pronounce. Spanish Phrase. Meaning. Estoy enamorado (if you are a man). I am in love.How do you Say I Love You in Spanish? Spanish Terms of Endearment That Sound Unbelievably Sexy. How do you say I am in Spanish?to say what youre doing in the future, Spanish uses the simple present tense, which for the "I" form generally ends in -o: so "Im working tomorrow" would be trabajo maana. How do you say your complete birthday in Spanish? | Yahoo Answers Report Abuse Additional Details If you believe your intellectual property has been infringed and would like to file a complaint, please see our Copyright/IP Policy How to Say Happy Bir. Instructor: The present tense is used in Spanish in several different ways. One, it can be. used to indicate an action in progress. For exampleYo is. usually used for clarity or emphasis. Instructor: Again: How do you say I speak? Male: Hablo. It is not true that most people in Spain say castellano as is drawn in the figure.

Well you see, I object to how SqueakBox wants to give the impression that it is minorities that speak Spanish in these countries when, as you have yourself verified, it is majorities. How do you even come close to insulting like that in English?!In spanish they say cojones sirve para todo, and its true. Cojones is without a doubt the most versatile of all the Spanish curse words on this list you can use it for just about anything. I tried Google but I dont speak Spanish, so I was thinking, gay might come out as "happy" on a translator? So how would you say the equivalent in Spanish. Also do other languages have similar "non-offensive" and "non-clinical" terms for gays? How do you say I like in Spanish?Were constantly talking about things we do and dont like, and its no different in Spanish. But, this can be a tricky verb, as in some cases it doesnt follow the normal rules. How do you say "handsome" in spanish? Is it right if I say nuestra queso in Spanish?What is the way to say "sandwich" in Spanish? How do I say "I speak a little Spanish" in Spanish? May be the best option. If it is a formal context I would favor the "usted" form. Other forms would be.

Mucho gusto en conocerle / Encantado de conocerle. Which is sometimes shortened as. Mucho gusto. Or. Encantado. Hi, everyone, what do you think of the following? How do you say it in English?English-Spanish English-French English-Italian English-German English-Dutch English-Russian English-Portuguese English-Polish English-Romanian English-Czech English-Greek English-Turkish English-Chinese Here are seven different ways in which you can say How are you? in Spanish Im teaching English to day laborers and today one of them mentioned Neil Diamond. I tried to use that to teach them what cheesy/corny means, but couldnt think of a fitting Spanish word. Make sure you learn these Spanish expressions and use them on anyone and everyone wholl listen itll impress the locals and ensure that youll have a much easier time making friends and fitting in. 1. Qu guay! How do you say it? How do we say there is / there are in Spanish?In English we often use "some" and "any" with "there is" in Spanish it is not necesary. This is a classic. The one word that we all probably learn after dad and mom, the most basic way of greeting there is in any language, and the easiest way of asserting I know how to say something in another language. In English you say What time is it?Definite and Indefinite Articles in Spanish. A Vocabulary Review Activity. Possessive adjectives. Questions In Spanish, there may be several ways to ask the same question. In Spanish, there are two forms of the verb "to be": estar and ser. Where it begins to become confusing is when you realize that estar and ser are not interchangeable, despite having the same definition.ChamacoMalo. I would say it "asi es." How long will it take? (About an hour.) Its understandable that interference from Spanish or Portuguese would cause confusion here.They can use how in the question: How do you say that in English? This asks for the way to say something. Spanish (Spain). anonomosginge There are three dogs ->Hay tres perros I want to go there ->Quiero ir all "All" is an adverb and is used as a complement of place, and "hay" is an impersonal verb (because it doesnt have subject). How Do You Say "There Is" or "There Are" in Spanish? 10 Types of Spanish Pronouns.Does Any Have a Direct Translation in Spanish. How to Say Thank You in Latin (If Youre in, You Know, Ancient Rome). By the Way, Heres How To Say Just That in Spanish. How do you say in Spanish? (Como se dice en espaol? Co-mo say dee- say ee-n ES-pan-yol). What does mean in English? Que significa en ingles (kay cig-ni-fee-kah ee-n een-glays). How do you spell it? Como se escribe ? (Co-mo say es-cree-bay). Saying hello in Spanish might seem fairly simplebut is it?So for example, the sentence hola, que tal, vengo porque mi padre no me deja comer dulces todo el dia means, in English, hi, how are you, I came here because my father doesnt let me eat candy all day. Learn how to say your resolutions in Spanish by watching my video. In my case, this year I will definitely, most definitely learn French. Also, I will eat fewer tortillas and tamales. Using this tool you can learn how to say in spanish any number and find answers to questions like: What is the number six hundred fourty two in Spanish.Perhaps, you have reached us looking for the answer to a question like: How do you say 642 in spanish. Guide to Spanish lack of information phrasesQ: How to say Everybody was anxious to know what had happened. in Spanish ?Q: How to say Ive never heard of that city. in Spanish? i need to know how to say there is or there are in spanish .

for exemple , i have to say there are many posters in spanish class . how would i say that ? thank you :D. Martyn would swap consonants inside a word como se dice (how do you say) would become como de side.Muy bien (very well), he answered calmly, and there it was: his first communication in Spanish. How do you say were in Spanish?You can, however, say "Que?" which means what. When you write it there is an accent over the e (I couldnt figure out how to put one on) but if you dont write the accent the word changes and it means that. cmo means how. Est is the third person singular conjugation of the Spanish verb estar that means to be in every event.After the response you may say gracias to say thsnk you to the person for being kind. If the answer you want to give to express how negative the event is making you If You Say There Is No God, Let Me Show You My JAMB Result / Learn German, Spanish, French In A Language Institut (1) (2) (3) (4).How do we learn from your post if you didnt interprete? How do I say "Hello, how are you? My name is Cathy and Ill be your waitress today" in Spanish?This version of How to Say How Are You in Spanish was reviewed by Keelan Daye on March 2, 2015. Yet, have you noticed how little politeness is taught in Spanish classes? Do you know the phrases for "excuse me" in Spanish?Introductions. Early on in Spanish you have learned that when you are introduced to people you say It is used to know how many grapes do you eat? But in informal style, pegas comes of the verb to clue.ill try to ask my friend for some help. shes fluent in both english and spanish. the funny thing with my brain right now is that it seems to have gone on vacation so How do you say "What is the salary?" in Spanish? 2 educator answers.2 educator answers. How should I translate "old wives tale" into Spanish? A friend of mine says, "tall tale" could be How do you say how did you know in Spanish? Heres a list of phrases you may be looking for. 1. How long something has been going on -- in meaning, present perfect, but not employing this tense in Spanish 2. How long ago something happened -- a function related to and involving the preterite in Spanish, and When you conjugate llegar in the first person preterite (yo conjugation), the rules would say the spelling would be lleg, but the spelling is actually llegu.So next time you want to complain about how difficult Spanish is, take a look at English and all the things that make absolutely no sense. In this short presentation we will look at How to say bye in Spanish as well as other phrases that may be useful. Having lived in Spain as an adventure travel blogger one of the first things I learned was the use of Spanish swear words. Heres a beginners guide.omg I dont now how I got here, but Im Spanish and I have to say I couldnt stop laughing at this! Ask how do you do? or how are you in Spanish. Since you are introducing yourself to this person, you are going to assume you havent met earlier.We advise you to use the second one if you dont remember how to say your nationality in Spanish! Why? And how? Asking questions in Spanish is quite similar to asking questions in English.So instead of "You stole my iPod?" youd just say "Stole my iPod?". Of course this doesnt make much sense in English, but in Spanish each verb (like "to steal") changes to agree with the personal Tom Chatfield looks at the unusual and poetic ways that the world now describes this iconic keyboard character and how its roots go back to the 1500s.If youre Greek, you say papaki, meaning little duck. So once you have learnt how to say March in Spanish, or April in Spanish, May in Spanish the Memory Trigger provides that hook when you need to recall it.How do you say September in Spanish? We could say "You speak Spanish." to one person, or to an enormous group. Southern US dialects use the non-standard "yall" to talk about a group of people, and Spanish is quite similar. For one person, you should use the singular forms t or usted. Mini Spanish Lessons for beginners - translated commonly used phrases into Spanish. Want to see the whole set of videos AND follow my little girls and I as

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