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Germany is a developed country and provides tuition-free university education. With these 45 interesting facts about Germany, lets explore more about this worlds third-largest exporter and importer of goods. Test your German knowledge with these top 30 German facts did you know a German invented the calculator and that Berlin has more bridges than Venice? How well do you know Germany? Here is a mix of informative and interesting facts to learn more about Germany or test your German knowledge. Fun facts and trivia about Germany.15 million people in Germany are of non-German descent (first and second generation), i.e. 18. 5 of the population. About half of them are foreign residents, not German citizens. Germany After WW2: Facts, Dates and Information about Germany after WW2 ( Germany after Second World War).After WW2, Germany had about 5 million buildings, including some 1,600,000 homes, destroyed. Interesting Fun Facts About Germany. After Irish, Germans are the second biggest consumers of beer in the world.Football is the most popular sport in Germany and The German Football Association is the largest association of its kind in the world. Опубликовано: 19 мая 2015 г. Top 10 Facts About Germany. Dont forget to follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/10aroundworld.Thank You for watching! 1. Germans love their bread in fact there are more than 300 different kinds of bread in Germany. Britain made the major contribution to the defeat of Germany in WW2 for the following reasons: Britain declared war on Germany 3 September 1939, and thus remained actively at war against Germany far longer than any other nation 20 Amazing Facts You Should Know About Christmas. amazing facts , Berlin wall , germany , germany amazing facts , germany best facts , germany cool facts , germany country facts , germany facts , germany facts about world war 2 , germany facts and pictures , germany history Home Interesting Country Facts 25 Interesting Facts About Germany.3.

The Christmas tree (Tannenbaum) tradition came from Germany. 4. The working week in Germany also includes Saturday. 5. There are over 300 different kinds of bread in Germany. 20 Amazing Facts You Should Know About Christmas. amazing facts, Berlin wall, germany, germany amazing facts, germany best facts, germany cool facts, germany country facts, germany facts, germany facts about world war 2, germany facts and pictures, germany history, longest word See more ideas about Liberation of paris, The allies and Facts about ww2."Black soldier in the German Army What I wouldnt give to know the particulars of THIS story.

" Probably from one of Germanys African colonies also maybe lived in Germany or even born there. Weve all seen "Saving Private Ryan" and "Band of Brothers," but heres a list of facts from World War II that you probably didnt know.8. Four of every five German soldiers killed in the war died on the Eastern Front. The German planners did not expect the USSR to be able to fight a large scale war against Germany, because of the rather easy defeat of Russia in WW1 and the fact that despite Stalins industrialization efforts, even in 1937 Of course, the final nail in the T-34s coffin was at the close of the war, when much of Germanys armaments were destroyed post defeat.Mark I Tank Facts. Next Post. Best Light Transport Vehicle of WW2 Willys Jeep. 10 eye-opening facts about World War 2.In an attempt to eliminate a racial enemy outside of Germany, such groups were also persecuted in the countries invaded by German forces. 11-15 Interesting Facts About WW2. 11. During WW2 three bombs hit a single church in Malta (Pictured above).20. Lauri Trni was soldier who during WW2 served both the Finnish Army and the Waffen SS of Nazi Germany, both decorated him highly. actors celebrity facts historical figures musicians politicians.military 14 Harsh Realities of Life in Germany After WWII. David Sharp. 84.7k views 14 items Follow Embed. Quickfire: 20 facts about the V1 Buzzbomb here we go! 1) The V1 stands for Vergeltungswaffe-1, German for retaliatory weapons and they were developed to strike back at Britain in retaliation for the bombing of German cities. Did you Know? List of Interesting Facts about WW2 Facts are statements which are held to be true and often contrasted with opinions and beliefs.WW2 Fact 8 - On 1 September 1939 Germany invaded Poland and Britain and France declared war on Germany. The fact that the women of Germany were largely innocents, swept up in the horror rather than being responsible for it, meant nothing to an army that had lost 13. 5 million casualties at the Germans hands.German Soldiers In WW2: Unseen Pictures. The Year that China Captured the Crocodile. 9 little-known facts about Canadas involvement in WW2.To stop the Soviet steamroller in Northern Germany, members of the First Canadian Parachute Battalion were tasked with taking control of the town of Wismar located near Hamburg. Here are a few facts to consider before making your own judgement. Nazi Germany had four main weaknesses, namelyRob FireFly. Uhm, my grandfather was a British paratrooper in WW2, hes still alive and he saw the death camps, he helped bury the bodies. We will guess you already heard of Czech Republic and its jewel called Prague. Yes the Czech are very proud you heard about them and they are even more proud of their capital Gothic city of Prague, but also these cool Czech would like of you to know a bit more about them. 5 UNDENIABLE FACTS ABOUT WORLD WAR II THAT YOU WILL NEVER READ IN A HISTORY BOOK! by m.s. king fact 1 - When the Pope offered to sponsor a peace conference intended to avert the coming war Germany said yes but Britain and Poland said no. Weve heard about him, read about him and watched documentaries about him. But heres a compilaton of facts most people dont know.During the War, the Allies dropped so many bombs that over 5500 WWII era Bombs are discovered in Germany every year and defused. The idea is that Nazi Germany was a military juggernaut for a brief period in the 40s, and that the entire planet would have collapsed if it wasnt for one or two minor blunders.Its loaded with facts about history, your body, and the world around you that your teachers didnt want you to know. World War II Facts: did you know that Fanta originated in Germany as a result of difficulties importing Coca-Cola syrup into Nazi Germany during WW2. 44 Amazing facts of WW2 - Knowledge Glue. Say "guten tag" to the Webs most interesting Germany facts, ranging from its unique scenery and history to its role as a cultural and global powerhouse.German is the official language of five countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein.[16]. And the fact that war with Germany is pretty damn costly.If Germany fought against Chechoslovakia WW2 might had taken quite a different turn as they had a powerful army. Lets find out the valuable information in Facts about British Soldiers in WW2.When Britain declared the war with Germany, it earned a full conscription. Get more facts about British soldiers in World War 2 below Download the World War II Facts (WW2) Worksheets.

He also built up the German army and their weapons. On September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland. When that happened, Britain and France declared war on Germany. World War II Facts: did you know that Most kamikaze died in vain. Only 1 in 9 kamikaze pilots hit their targets during WW2?Fanta originated in Germany as a result of difficulties importing Coca-Cola syrup into Nazi Germany during WW2. The activities of the civilians during the Second World War were explained on facts about life in WW2.The countries which had great damages on the housing included Japan, Germany and Soviet Union. Read Also: 10 Facts about Life in Mexico. German Economy: Facts, Population, Find Germanys economic freedom report in the Index of Economic Freedom. The report includes Germany facts, such as the German population, GDP, inflation WW2 Facts and Firsts.First Group of African-American Fighter Pilots in WW2. By Stephen Sherman, Feb. 2000. Updated June 29, 2011. The Mustang pilot spotted the string of Bf-109s heading toward the crippled B-24. A tanks parading in Sudetenland, Germany (annexed from Czechoslovakia), Oct 1938 [Via World War II Database] The Panzer IV was the most widely manufactured and deployed German tank.Your account in WW2live. Twentieth Century History. 5 Interesting Facts About The Second World War. Updated on February 12, 2014. James Kenny.The Allied Powers signed a peace treaty with the resurrected Germany in October 1990, thus marking the official end of World War II. | Facts, information and articles about World War II, 1939-1945. USS Arizona Pearl Harbor.Nations suffering the highest losses, military and civilian, in descending order, are: USSR: 42,000,000 Germany: 9,000,000 China: 4,000,000 Japan: 3,000,000. Although some may say that Nazi Germany propaganda says it is the most powerful nation that is the reason, but the facts speak for themselves.British is 5th in ww2 super power because they got beat in weeks in France with France help and barely held the Germans later. Please note : scroll to bottom and click Next page To view the rest of the updated, even longer ww2 facts list! 1 Canada produced more trucks than Germany, Italy and Japan COMBINED. The Ford F15 was a mainstay of Canadian truck production. Nazis rise to power in Germany. 1933. Franco-Soviet-Czech Pact. Yang Kuisong, "On the reconstruction of the facts of the Battle of Pingxingguan". Levene, Mark and Roberts, Penny. The Massacre in History. In fact, as a British soldier you were more likely to die during the Crimean War (1853-56) than in WW1.After WW2 Germany was occupied, split up, its factory machinery smashed or stolen and millions of prisoners forced to stay with their captors and work as slave labourers. Many books and diaries have been published about Jews in Germany during WW2 and how they struggled.Below is a list of links that I got all of these facts from as well as for the rest of my website>. Armed with Wehrmacht equipment and outfitted in Germany uniforms, the POA (as it was known) was thrown into action in early 1945.The Mighty "Jug" 11 Cool Facts About the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt. Hitlers Holdouts Meet the Last German Troops to Surrender in WW2. What are some little-known facts about WW2 tanks? What would have been the simplest way for Hitler/ Germany to win WWII?Flying wing (tailless) aircraft, with swept-back wings, were under development in Germany in the late 1920s and the 30s. Facts About WW2. I. The War Begins A. The Italian invasion of Ethiopia might be considered by some to be the starting point of WWII, but in the USJoined by Italy, the Axis powers took France on June 22 1940. C. With Britain now facing Germany virtually alone, attitudes in the US began to change. Ten fun facts about Germany. Fact 1: There are around 300 varieties of bread in Germany.Fact 5: 70 precent of german highways have no speed limit. Fact 6: Germany claims the distinction of being the fifth biggest economy in the world. 5 undeniable facts about world war II that you will never read in a history book! 2."I am deeply convinced that if, especially, England at that time had, instead of starting a wild campaign against Germany in the press and instead of launching rumors of a German These WW2 Facts prove that it was the deadliest battle ever fought in the history of mankind.The other power was the Axis group made up of Germany, Italy, and Japan. 11. Due to rationing during the WW2, the scarcity of chocolate led to the invention of Nutella. Discover interesting, serious, funny and strange facts about Germany. Germany is in central Europe, and a member of the European Union. The official name is Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland).

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