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Etiam bibendum, enim faucibus aliquet rhoncus, arcu felis ultricies neque, sit amet auctor elit eros a lectus. Confirm an action that may be destructive or important. Set the modal option to true, and specify primary and secondary user actions with the buttons option. /usr/share/doc/libjs-jquery-ui-docs/examples/dialog/modal-confirmation.html is in libjs- jquery-ui-docs 1.10.1dfsg-1. This file is owned by root:root, with mode 0o644. The actual contents of the file can be viewed below. In this tutorial, well walk through the steps of creating an easy confirmation modal dialog with C ASP .NET MVC3, jQuery, and jQuery UI.In our example, weve modified the Layout.cshtml file to include the following lines: 1. I am try to use JQuery UI Dialog to replace the ugly javascript:alert() box.In JQ part, on document ready, I would first setup the div to be a modal dialog with necessary button, and set those "a" to be firing to confirmation before to remove, like Any page can be presented as a modal dialog by adding the data-rel" dialog" attribute to the page anchor link.You can also call the dialogs close() method to programmatically close dialogs, for example: ( ".

ui-dialog" ).dialog( "close" ). This will add a jQuery UI Dialog confirmation when clicking a button in asp.Net. This is a non-generic, one button <-> one dialog example.confirmation).dialog(. autoOpen: false, modal:true, buttons jQuery UI Dialog -