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Farmorubicin 50Mg Vial. Generic Name: Epirubicin Hydrochloride Trade Name: Farmorubicin 50Mg Vial Strength value: 50/mg Dosage Form: Injection Route of Administration: Intravenous (not Farmorubicin RD 50mg Injection is an anti-cancer medication. It works by damaging the genetic material (DNA) of the cancer cells and stops their growth and multiplication. - farmorubicin 50MG inj. Farmorubicin - Regression in a broad spectrum of neoplastic diseases including mammary carcinoma, malignant lymphomas, soft tissue sarcomas, gastric, hepatic Farmorubicin RD injection is used together with other cancer medicines to treat cancers of the breast, lungs, lymph system, stomach, and ovaries. Farmorubicin RD Inj 50mg 1Vial. Rs.3,635.42. Pfizer Pakistan.Click the button below to add the Farmorubicin CS Inj 50mg 1Vial to your wish list. Lyophilizedpowder of 10 mg in bottles No. 1 with a solvent of 5 ml in ampoules No. 1on 50 mg in bottles number 1. To whom is Farmorubicin shown? Farmorubicin is a chemotherapeutic drug that is used for the treatment of breast cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes following breast cancer therapy. Available As: 10 Mg 50 Mg. HomeShopOncology (Cancer)Pfizer Italia Farmorubicin (Epirubicin) 50mg 1 Vial Injection.Bristol-Myers Squibb Sprycel (Dasatinib) 50mg 60 Tablets. Farmorubicin rtu 50MG injection 1s. Epirubicin 50MG by pfizer ltd.Top generic. Stribicin 50MG injection 1s. Farmorubicin 50mg/25ml. Farmorubicin (50 mg) is manufactured by Pharmacia Upjohn, pharma company and is available in medical stores at the rate of approx.

Prparat: Farmorubicin Cs 50mg Lsung. Pzn: 2448064.

Darreichungsform: Injektionsflaschen. Farmorubicin RD active ingredients, usages, indications, composition, dosages and other pharmaceutical product information. [A] Farmorubicin RD 50 mg: 2 Stechampullen mit Lyophilisat. [A] Farmorubicin Solution 10 mg/5 ml: 1 Cytosafe Stechampulle. Farmorubicin RD is a medicine available in a number of countries worldwide. A list of US medications equivalent to Farmorubicin RD is available on the website. 50 мг, 150 мг, Карбоплатин-Эбеве конц. д/приг. р-ра для инф.49. Эпирубицин. Фарморубицин раствор для инъекций 10 мг/5 мл (флаконы) Эпилем лиофилизат для приготовления раствора Farmorubicin RD drug pharmaceuticals active ingredients names and forms, pharmaceutical companies. Farmorubicin RD indications and usages, prices Injectable Injection Epirubicin Hydrochloride 50 mg.Find online pharmacy, drugstore, pharma or beauty shop where to order or buy Farmorubicin RD brand or generic online Drug brand Farmorubicin (50 mg) is being manufactured and marketed by Pharmacia and Upjohn. The main active ingredient or salt in this drug is Epirubicin.

Box of 1x 50 mg vial. Not all strengths or packages may be available in all countries. Composition. Farmorubicin Rapid Dissolution. Farmorubicin 50mg Injection.Get Best Quote. Kemoplat 50 mg Injection. Approx Price: Rs 310 / Pack. Product Details Compare farmorubicin (50 mg) and other prescription drug prices from online pharmacies and drugstores. Farmorubicin (50 mg) uses and side effects Thalix Capsules 50 mg. Veenat 400 Mg Tablets.Brand Name: Farmorubicin Rapid Dissolution Ingredient: Epirubicin Hydrochloride Manufacturer: Pfizer Type: Injection Strength: 10 mg. Composition : EPIRUBICIN-50MG. Dose Form : INJECTION. Description : FARMORUBICIN 50MG/ 25 R.T.U. Farmorubicin IV Injection. Epirubicin Hydrochloride. 2 mg/ml. Pfizer.Intravesical Local treatment of bladder carcinoma: As 0.1 soln: 50 mg/wk for 8 wk reduce dose if chemical cystitis develops. Farmorubicin rd. Pfizer laboratories ltd.FARMORUBICIN RD. [Epirubicin:50mg]. Inj. Vial. Farmorubicin (50 mg) is made by Pharmacia Upjohn and contains Epirubicin. Side Effects.Farmorubicin (50 mg) is a medicine that is mostly prescribed for the patients for the following Farmorubicin RD 50mg Injection falls under a category of drugs called anthracycline which is used for chemotherapy . It may also be referred to by its trade name Ellence. Farmorubicin (50mg) Injection Usages. Side effects, Composition,Pregnancy impact,Mechanism of action, Composition, Generic used of Farmorubicin (50mg). COMPOSITION: Each vial contains:-FARMORUBICIN RD 10: Epirubicin HCl 10 mg with lactose and methylparaben 2 mg FARMORUBICIN RD 50 Be the first to review FARMORUBICIN 50MG VIAL Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked . Найдено по ссылке: Фарморубицин быстрорастворимый лиофилизат 50 мг. Farmorubicin RD 50mg Injection (10mg also available).How Farmorubicin Injection worksFarmorubicin rd 50mg injection is an anti-cancer medication. Farmorubicin is a chemotherapeutic drug that is used for the treatment of breast cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes following breast cancer therapy. Available As: 10 Mg 50 Mg. Be the first to review Farmorubicin Inj Epirubicin Cancel reply.Cyclophosphamide 25mg 50mg Tablet. Farmorubicin 50 MG Injection is an anticancer agent which is used as an adjuvant treatment for breast cancer. It should be used under the supervision of a qualified physician. All-medicine. Farmorubicin. 0 Reviews.Generic Name: Epirubicin hydrochloride 50mg/vial (freeze dried powder for reconstitution): i.v injection. Epirubicin hydrochloride. Farmorubicin 50MG vial.14.95. Diclofenac potassium. Fast- flam 50MG f.C. tablets. Farmorubicin 50Mg/25Ml 1V.Select rating Give Farmorubicin 50Mg/25Ml 1V 1/5 Give Farmorubicin 50Mg/25Ml 1V 2/5 Give Farmorubicin 50Mg/25Ml 1V 3/5 Give Farmorubicin Farmorubicin (Farmorubicin)50 Mg. 105.45. Active Ingrediant.Generic Name. Farmorubicin. Manufacturer. Pfizer. Strength. 50 Mg. Dosage Type. Vial. Фарморубицин RD (Farmorubicin RD) - Български - Листовка. There are no safety alerts related to this product. Brand Name: Farmorubicin. Generic Name: Epirubicin.Formulation: inj. Strength: 50mg 25ml. Pack size: 1. Trade Price: KES 2,954.00. Farmorubicin (50mg) (25 ml Injection Pfizer Ltd Epirubicin(50 mg). Buy FARMORUBICIN 50 MG/25 ML RTU I online at best price from Pasumai Pharmacy - a leading retail pharmacy chain with over 30 stores. Farmorubicin 10MG 50MG injection epirubicin mfg. Pfizer (pharmacia) ltd anti cancer injection nashik pune mumbai. Farmorubicin 50mg. 25ml.Farmorubicin from P. Upjohn contains Enoxaparin. Below are some of the details of Enoxaparin(generic). Farmorubicin RD 50mg Injection. 3168.00 2692.8 ADD to cart ADD to cart. Pfizer Product India. Farmorubicin 50 mg. Epirubicin Hydrochloride is used to treat a variety of cancers, either alone or in combination with other drugs. FARMORUBICIN 50MG INJECTION 25ML. Contains. Epirubicin 50 mg. Manufacturer Name. Pfizer Limited. Farmorubicin contains Epirubicin Hydrocloride 10 mg and 50 mg Injection form and it used in treatment of breast cancer We take guarantee of quality and delivery anywhere in the world as per the

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