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Can I call a function from a external file passing a parameter to it?Answer: if you already inclued the js file previously, ex i think the script.js file is not loading properly. if its loading then the function should work as expected.0. JavaScript code do not works on online server. 0. Loading external jQuery files with . 0. How to call WordPress PHP file using external js file. Hi. I want to take all the javascript code in my html file and put it into external .js file. Currently the javascript code is inside the html and when a button is pushed(onclick) it works.Within the test.js is function setAlarm() . The function showDiv() is not called when I use external file for the script. But by adding the script in the same html file I was successful . I am a beginner in javascript ,so wondering whats the reason for this. functions cant be added in external js files?What am i missing here? I am using one function in my textbox onkeypressClearLabel() and i have write the code This function is not working when call from external js file, but it is working in same aspx page. Why? This is my external js file: The element btnAddGroup is inside dashboardTemplate which is just a html file.console.log("This is logging from external function") you can call functions of external.

js file in main.js file this way. say this is your main.js file. I assume this is a problem with the functions on the external js file not being recognised in IE.

Please note that i have called the function testFunc2 at the end of the body tag inside the html code.However, this change also does not bring the desired effect in IE. jQuery call function from external JS file.4 answers I have two .js files: CardAPI.js script.js I wa. Angular JS Call a Directive function in an outside Controller [duplicate]. I am trying to call a function from an external .js file but the console is returning errors and the function is not being called. How do I correct my code and be able to call the function properly. extrenal javascript file is this. function validate() var firstname firstname document.getElementById("textbox1").valueInsults are not welcome. Lets work to help developers, not make them feel stupid. This content, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed I want to call a function from my master .js file - from within my php page.

Is this possible? Thinking in AngularJS if I have a jQuery background? External Javascript calling functions from another external javascript file. cant call a javascript function from external js file Hello group In my page I have the following script tag When I call a function from the HTML that exist in the myJScript I get an error I am using the GWT and want to call javascript functions in the external files. I have imported following javascript files in the html file. I link to the following external JS file from within my HTML documentFor some reason it doesnt call the ishomepage function. In the actual JS file is I put "ishomepage(true)" the function runs just fine. script> Please tell me waht code do I need to write in callme() to call drawArrow function of draw.js. Nothing is external when you call js file all methods are easily accessible as it is create on same page now simply do this