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I make jQuery .ajax calls by clicking on some cursor images in order to navigate through a book catalog replacing the content of a div with the ajax response (plainIn FF and IE > 7 the script works properly. But in Webkit browsers the ajax callback is well made but it renders the CSS not properly. You are here: Home » Web Development » Code Snippets / Functions » jQuery: Load CSS with AJAX (all browsers).Open Mobile Version.However the above code will not work in IE6 IE7 IE8 Safari and probably more browsers, which is definitely NO GOOD! Below you will find 7 best jQuery Ajax File Uploader plugins which will allow you to setup file upload interface on your website.This plugin works in IE7-9, mobile, and all modern browsers, built in CORS support, drag and drop file uploads, progress bars in all browsers, no dependencies and much Jquery Code: .ajax( type: "POST", async: false, cache: false, urlIt should work. Hope this helps. Set the button property as below:- OnClientClick"return false" The button is posting back. Hence, the redirect is not working. How to improve speed of your mobile web application? Reading binary data using jQuery Ajax.Binary data ajax tranport for jQuery.Currently most major browsers should work fine. Also, funny thing, jQuery Mobile Ajax loaders will work correctly on web-kit browsers when viewed inside an iFrame. At the same time, animation will work purely so I advise you to try these examples locally. With jquery (not mobile) , it works well. So it is a behavior difference between jquery and jquery mobile.

Does anyone know how to solve it?If I call jquery directly from the browser (no Ajax), the div does get updated. jQuery plugin not working on ajax-loaded page. I am using jquery prettyPopin in one of my projects and it is working fine jQuery Mobile page accessed directly or loaded by Ajax? I have a basic jQuery ajax function to log the user in via a UIWebView.It works fine in mobile safari, and chrome and firefox on my computer.HTML templating solution for both ASP.NET MVC and browser? Using AJAX with jQuery. Screencasts DotOrg. LoadingFetch JSON Data Using jQuery AJAX Method: getJSON - Duration: 9:11.LearnToProgram: Become a Web or Mobile Developer 132,859 views.

Wait until all jQuery Ajax requests are done? Preview an image before it is uploaded. getimagesize() not working in ajax call.I am trying to have users upload a picture. It works fine on a PC but is not consistent on mobile. Now if I add AJAX to it, it doesnt work. (window).on("blur focus", function (e) .jQuery Mobile.jQuery POST not working on some browsers. 165.stackoverflow.com/questions/6554588/ajax-error-on-mobile-safari request not working on iPhone device browser up vote 5 down vote favorite 3We have had to work around this by using a ajax not working low-level XmlHttpRequest instead of the jquery ajax object (not just in 1.5.1, this has been If its synchronous then the browser is going to freeze until the request is ready.Of course using jQuerys .ajax is shorter, easier, well tested, optimised but with this article I think that you saw that the native way of using Ajax ist that hard too. I have a basic jQuery ajax function to log the user in via a UIWebView. However, for some reason it returns blank when its in a UIWebView. It works fine in mobile safari, and chrome and firefox on my computer. Very new to jQuery/ajax etc. This website has FTP access to appropriate server, so I (as far as I know) am not violating cross-domain policy. This is website works fine on any desktop browser but does not work on any mobile browser. Your browser is caching the result of the AJAX request because the URL is the same each time.Unlike classic normal web pages, when working with jQuery Mobile, document ready will usually trigger before page is fully loaded/enhanced inside the DOM. Jquery ajax call with get method is working flawless, but jquery ajax with post method is not working not giving any error nothing happens on the my button click. Any help asap is appreciated as I am in that stage of my app where it is build 90 and 10 remain due to this error. If you use AJAX on your website, beware that events like click, submit, hover might not work if you dont attach them properly. I will be using click event to describe the problem, but all of this applies to most events in jQuery. I am using Jquery (and Jquery mobile) to make a mobile websitetesting on desktop Chrome/Firefox. When on chrome the JSONP ajax never reaches the server (can see the server access logs). The same works fine on Firefox. 2 Solutions collect form web for jQuery ajax not working in iOS.I have no idea whats wrong, but generally speaking, here is what you can do with Mobile Safari and IE that comes with no handly debug console. I have a previous JQuery Mobile tutorial that uses Ajax so you can also refer to the code in there.Hi Chad, Thanks for the clear thoughtful tutorial on Using AJAX with JQuery Mobile. Tried it. Works great! For some odd reason I cannot really explain the following happens WPP with AJAX option on (as I am using caching etc) Works in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Firefox Dev edtion Does not work in Mobile Safari, Safari and IE. In the not working browsers it throws a jQuery not defined notification. Again, works fine on Desktop - does nothing on Mobile. I made sure Ive added the CORS headersWhy would this not work on the phone browser? And I googled for 2 days. scope.getPets function () . That means, if you are using mobile browsers, you might be giving url in the address bar likeJquery parsley validate not working. javascript,php,jquery,ajax ,parsley.js. jQuery Mockjax plugin provides request/response mocking for ajax requests using the jQuery API and provides all standard behaviors in the request/response flow.Works in IE7-9, mobile, and all modern browsers. Read More ». This wont work on mobile browsers. In my experience they do not allow cross domain POST at all.How to manage a redirect request after a jQuery Ajax call. Abort Ajax requests using jQuery. I am using REST in Jquery mobile in Phonegap getting error : Uncaught ReferenceError: HttpContext is not defined Code One of the ajax call I had in code was working in all browsers, IE8 too but not IE9, this solved it! gabrielschulhof commented Oct 8, 2013. Also, please tell us which version of Windows Phone (make, model, OS version, browser version) has the problem!But since JQuery Mobile works fully with ajax, disabling it is not an option. I use Phonegap 3.1.0, Jquery 1.10.2, JQuery Mobile 1.3.2 which url: "/admin/sbasketviewbasketajax.php", async: truehave you tried various browsers on Android? not sure if you can on iPhone note: sometimes even being obvious can be ignored :p Jaromanda X Sep 2 16 at 13:11. Also there was missing " "s in the second selector. Here is the working codeWhen the user clicks a link in a jQuery Mobile-driven site, the default behavior of the navigation system is to use that links href to formulate an Ajax request (instead of allowing the browsers default link behavior of Ajax without jQuery. Aug 2 2015 Ibrahim Diallo.Browsers have come a long way, still on some rare cases, we have to support older browser. But writing code that works everywhere is not so hard anymore. Working on a Data driven mobile app (for iPhone, Android, WP7, ETC.) using HTML5 and jQuery.However it works on IE but not in any other browser or a mobile app. Sample working code in IE is below jQuery and Ajax. (not for the dummies). Introduction.

jQuery vs. Raw JavaScript. Cross-Browser Support: jQuery provides cross- browser support.It is used in unit testing for jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, and others. Setting Up. Related questions. Jquery and ajax page load in iframe function is not refreshed.Cordova black screen cold boot. How to make Cordova/IONIC app to work well with Browser.Certainly we do not want to maintain two code bases one for mobile and desktop. The function uses jQuery to do an Ajax Get call, and refreshes the web page as well. It works fine on IE, Chrome(on my PC). but on my cell phone, it does not work.Info abt vclick from the docs : The jQuery Mobile "vclick" event handler simulates the "onclick" event handler on mobile devices. Learn JavaScript Learn jQuery Learn AngularJS Learn JSON Learn AJAX.A browser built-in XMLHttpRequest object (to request data from a web server).How AJAX Works. 1. An event occurs in a web page (the page is loaded, a button is clicked). Before a few days I posted about the pain I had with jQuery mobile, Phonegap and Android. One of the most confusing things was that Android did not send Ajax requests all the time I wanted it. This left my app back in nasty states. I was already assuming that the Android " browser" does some caching, but Mobile. SharePoint.I am using chat plugin , and initiating a chat, the ajax post which i am using is working on mozilla and other browsers but not working on IE8/IE9.I guess you missed 1 semi colon at the last of curly brace of jquery. I have a JQuery/Ajax update. It correctly updates in all major browsers, however, dealing with error responses does not work in any version of IE.jQuery scroll on Mobile Safari 2010-05-25. Im developing and website and I need it to scroll to an anchor. It needs to be animated, so I decided to I had been loading table records through ajax pagination using jquery.Although, if i didt use the ajax to load records these links would work fine and thickbox would open. But once i introduced ajax they suddenly stopped working. Hi, I am using HTML5 CSS JQuery Mobile for Android app, below are my script : Not Working in Mobile after making APK ( apk, I am build it from.For cross domain request use jQuery jsonp or implement CORS in your application so that browser allows making cross-doman ajax request. jQuery then makes an Ajax request to getForecast.html. When the browser receives the responseOther jQuery Ajax methods: There are many more handy jQuery methods for working with Ajax, includingjQuery Mobile 1.1: Smoother, Faster, Nicer. jQuery Mobile Masterclass: Build a Simple It works fine in mobile safari, and chrome and firefox on my computer.The jQuery.ajax() method has the option async. If you set it to false the call will block until the response comes back (or it timed out). Im pretty shure, that calling this, will yause the browser to weit in the unload handler. All pages in the jQuery Mobile demos work this way.Some browsers, when making requests to the cache will report an http status of 0 on success. This causes jQuery Cores .ajax to trigger error handlers. Grab the source code and learn how to load content into a div on click using the AJAX load method. Anyway, I encountered some quite interesting behavior of IE with jQuery Ajax calls and cached responses. HTTP/1.1 304 Not Modified: No Way!To have this experiment work, ensure you have your browser caches active. Re: jquery ajax call for REST api not working giving error Santhosh Currently Being ModeratedSome API sites (eg. api.flickr.com) (and old browsers) does not support CORS (Cross OriginI am currently working on a mobile application with Phonegap that is running on my local This will send jQuery Ajax does work on mobile browsers (any kind i have tested). Your issue must be somewhere else, like the CSP or your implementation.Browse other questions tagged jquery ajax mobile-browser or ask your own question. A quick look at Ajax and also explore Ajax, the jQuery way.Learn how Behavior Driven Development (BDD) works with a real-world example of how to use it.The second diagram represents an Ajax request. The browser uses JavaScript to send an XMLHttpRequest (XHR) object

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