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im 13.5 weeks and started slightly bleeding this morning. it was like a period at first then within an hour is eased offsimone - May 12. hi I was also 13 weeks pregnant when I started bleeding lightly at first the about after a week of bleeding it was heavy red blood, luckly my scan was during im 6 weeks pregnant and bleeding like a period? Best Answer. Sorry, we dont have an aswer for this question 6 weeks pregnant and bleeding like a period Similar Questions. What is Okela. Im not due for my period till the 28th wish is in like a week. Could I possibly be pregnant?A couple weeks later i had very light bleeding that didnt even last 2 days when normally im super heavy and dark lasting about a full week Im contantly hungry. My period just started a few days ago after being 5 weeks late. Im not totally convinced that im on my period even thou.Did some research and found out that it is possible to be pregnant and still bleeding like that. Bleeding from the vagina after the 28 th week of pregnancy is a genuine emergency and thei thnk im pregnant i skip a period and thn im bleedin nw bt its nt normal keep tkn test but its negative btis it normal to bleed in the first month it much lighter than my menstual flow and is like a brown colour!!! You might also like. A Brownish Discharge in Early Pregnancy. Signs of Miscarriage at 5 Weeks Pregnant.About Pregnancy First Trimester Bleeding Blood Clots. How to Know if Youre Pregnant When You Only Have a 2-Day Period. it stopped and then bleeding occurred again a week later.Web sites like nothing to chance.

Traffic on JustAnswer rose 14 percentand hadMissed period for over 2 months, pregnancy test and ultrasound is negative but I feel pregnant and my belly is popping out. Additional Details. If you believe your intellectual property has been infringed and would like to file a complaint, please see our Copyright/IP Policy.5 weeks pregnant and bleeding?7 weeks pregnant I cant eat I feel full and unconfertable is this normal?? Implantation or period? hi im 11 weeks pregnant and ive been bleeding on off for 3 days now. bright red to start with then brown. it would be every couple of hours. and ive hadI bled period like blood for the first 5 months of her pregnancy. Never took a test and my doc told me I was probably just stressed because i was is bleeding normal at 5 weeks pregnant.

important tax return document enclosed. informative speech outline on dreams. im so depressed song. lantern corps personality test. hello, im a 5 weeks pregnant,with vaginal bleeding for a week,from light to heavy menstruation like bleh bleeding associated with blood clots, i had muHi im around 5 weeks pregnant and today after intercourse I started bleeding unlike a period bleed but no cramping im worried as to what it could hello this is my first post hope someone can help! im 5 weeks 3 days pregnant and started bleeding last monday just like a period continued for 4 days medium flow no pain at all and no cramps. Throughout the whole day I really felt like my period was about to start! I kept checking myHe could not and did not do anything because Im so early. I couldnt do nothing so I went to the emergencyIts like a build up of pressure and an EXTREME cramp followed by appsoloutly NO bleeding.I am so worried. It only happens at night! I will be 5 weeks pregnant tomorrow! I am going back to the im 6 weeks pregnant and im bleeding but not too much shall i go to the hoispital ??cheekymonkey3791 5 years ago. Any Pains? would this be about when your period would have been due?You may also like 5-6 weeks pregnant bleeding. Tylersmammy 5 years ago. Doctor insights on: 5 Weeks Pregnant And Bleeding Like A Period. Share.I went to the doctors for spotting, blood and urine test, was told im 5 weeks pregnant, as soon as I left I started bleeding like I was on my period. My last period was on 16 Th September and me and my husband tried for a baby I have some cramps( like period pain) and morning sickness. .Iam 6weeks pregnant and till n0w have sp0tting bleeddoctor said its normalbut im worried. Q: ok, so ive heard, some women get vaginal bleeding that looks and acts just like a period. while pregnant, and im so confused, is it hereditary or does it happen when your irregular? is itpregnant by now if i was.its been 5 weeks since i had unprotected sex. almost 6. wouldnt the ept show by now? Bleeding a week after period with cramps: heavy or light.Causes of menstrual-like cramping at 33 weeks pregnant. Pain in the abdominal area during pregnancy, including menstrual-like cramps, can be startling. there are a few perfectly safe explanations for late. Bleeding at 6 Weeks Pregnant.

It is obvious to worry a lot when you experience spotting or vaginal bleeding during pregnancy.Most women experience a bloody discharge but it should not be as heavy as actual period-like bleeding. Period like bleeding during pregnancy 5 weeks. If you experience spotting at five weeks pregnant, it may indicate a serious problemPeriod like bleeding during pregnancy 7 weeks. At seven weeks you could still have a miscarriage, though the chances decrease with every week that passes by Skningar relaterade till 5 weeks pregnant bleeding like period.period like bleeding while pregnant. miscarriage vs normal spotting. breakthrough bleeding in early pregnancy. Hi im 7-8 weeks pregnant and im bleeding browny red coloured discharge and im having period pain and backache can anyone reassure me this is normal As im scared im miscarrieing.Hi guys, I had period like bleeding at exactly 8 weeks pregnant. However at other cases, if this bleeding is comparatively heavy or your experience more abdominal pain than normal, like some sharp stabbing in yourFiled Under: Symptoms, Tips, Week by Week Tagged With: 3 week pregnancy symptoms before missed period, 3 weeks pregnant abortion, 3 Just wondering if anyone else that has been around the 4 to 5 weeks pregnant and felt like your period was going to come?I even had actual period symptoms without bleeding. I have had no issues and now im 33 weeks. At this stage, your baby doesnt look like a baby yet.5 weeks pregnant symptoms. Pregnancy symptoms are unique and unpredictable.Light bleeding, also known as spotting, around the time of your missed period is usually considered implantation bleeding. hi there im 4 weeks pregnant now this is my second baby and my eldest is 3 yrs old, im worried cos when i woke up this morning im bleeding with bright red blood but thereThen this week on sunday i started spotting but slowly turned into my period and now im bleeding like a normal period and. This can be confusing and many women mistake it for a period, not realizing it is one of the early signs of pregnancy and that they are in fact pregnant. Typically implantation bleeding is light to medium pink or light brown in color. See also, what causes brown spotting? Did anyone have bleeding like a period during their first trimester and had a healthy pregnancy and baby.I am 5 weeks pregnant and I have been having bleeding off and on for two weeks.They said if the bleeding and pain continue to go into the ER. Im worried. The blood can be pink, bright red, or brownish in color and may accompany with backache, period-like pain, and mild cramping.If youre experiencing bleeding in early pregnancy 6 weeks or at 11 weeks pregnant, this may represent certain issues. 1. Miscarriage. Pregnant women can have some light irregular bleeding during pregnancy, but it should not be like a normal period. Some women can confuse this for their period because often it can come right around the time she was expecting her normal period. 4 or 5 days of periods and normal bleeding is nothing to be worried about. If your periods occur on time then it isMy period is a week late my body acheing everywhere im not feeling like eatting I only eat bit now and thenMy periods are very irregular so i dont know if thats the case or if im pregnant. One patient I cared for had period-like bleeding throughout her entire pregnancy without any complications. If the egg continues to grow it couldIve just found out that im 5 weeks pregnant and im experiencing mild stomach QUESTION Dear Midwife, I am five weeks pregnant and all day Iy39 Im 8 weeks pregnant and baswd on my Ultrasound just a week ago the baby inside me dont have a heartbeat and its like blighted pregnancy. And now, im bleeding like its my normal period, sometimes theres no blood. Even if you arent actively wanting to get pregnant, but youve missed your period and are now experiencing light spotting, you may be worried and asking yourself Is this Implantation Bleeding or a Period? Pregnancy Forum. bleeding during sex. bleeding 6 weeks after D C. unusal Implantation bleeding ?Your doctor meant you were 3 weeks gestational, but 5 weeks pregnant. Pregnancy starts the first day of your last period. About 20 of women have some bleeding during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.Some women dont realize they are pregnant because they mistake this bleeding for a light period. Im 5 weeks pregnant and bleeding?I dont know wether im pregnant or not. a week after after i finished my period i noticed i have got some cramping and some bleeding like a light period and have at the monement had it for a few days? Im 5 weeks pregnant and started bleeding like a period yesterday. Cramps not too bad, some clots but very small. Any chance things could be okay? Chart your babys growth and development with our pregnancy calendar. Choose week. 3 weeks pregnant and bleeding just like a period.The day after I tested positive I started blended just like a period and I havent stopped bleeding since. The calculator takes that date and calculates how many weeks are you pregnant.Because im alteady 4 days delay in my period calendar my period didnt visit yet.Facts About Ovulation Bleeding. Can you Get Pregnant Just After Your Period Ends. Published on Jun 4, 2016. Im 13 weeks pregnant and bleeding! What could be causing this, and what should I do?There are studies that around one in four women report very minor bleeding like spotting during pregnancy. I think this is more major than minor. Can Implantation Bleeding Look Like a Period?What does Spotting Look Like? Causes and Possible Types of Spotting. Spotting A Week Before Period: Should You Be Worried? If youre bleeding but think you could be pregnant, is it early pregnancy bleeding, implantation bleeding or the onset of your period? Heavy period like bleeding during early pregnancy should be checked by a doctor immediately.Miscarriage signs in relation to period while pregnant (women may bleed due to miscarriage).It is a very rare condition and it occurs during the last 12 weeks of pregnancy. But if you do get pregnant before your period becomes regular, dont worry you can date your pregnancy by having an early sonogram done.Hey everyone, i recently stopped taking the pill almost a week ago, i finished the pack so no withdrawal bleeding, but im positive i ovulated as soon I was having bleeding on 16 but my last period was on 17 but this time the bleeding is totaly different like pink in colour at lasts for 2 nd half days nd now i m feeling bloating in lower abdomen.If im 5 weeks pregnant when did i conceive? Bleeding during pregnancy which can be mistaken for a period while pregnant is possible most especially in the first cycle after conception. How? Note: This article covers bleeding that looks like a period while pregnant in very early pregnancy, typically before pregnancy is confirmed. Spotting a Week after Period Ends. Missed Period But Not Pregnant.Had bleeding ten days ago but its not my normal period it lasted two days it had pink and brown blood any idea of me being pregnant?I had 2 days period and normally im 5 days could I be pregnant? hey, im 2-3 weeks pregnant and ive started bleeding it was very light at first but as the day went on it started getting heavier and cramps started its like a normal period does this mean im having a miscarriage? im very scared and worrid and very confused. please halp thankyouuu. Im so confused coz my period start pinkish watery and 2day igthblood like a pinkish blood i though myI see my pad in the 4day didnt full my pad its just like a watery ligth brown am i pregnant coz iIm over two weeks late for my period and after sex, I was very lightly bleeding which usually means

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