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Right, to get started you should probably consider the following: 1.Turn of location services until a time where you actually need it, it drains a lot of battery. 2.Obviously, turn your brightness down, if you dont want it all the way down thats fine, but a good bit darker will do. However, I noticed my battery dropping from 100 to 81 in just 15 minutes while checking normal usage in this morning.However, Location Service is not great for your battery life. It may make your iPhone or iPad battery draining fast. For example, iPhone 5 battery draining fast and needs to be recharge so often.If you have just done the update, give your iPhone one day to go back to normal. During that time, observe how the battery behaves. Iphone 4s Battery Draining Faster? Discussion in iPhone started by pauly800, Oct 4, 2015.I definitely noticed my battery wears out a lot faster than normal. There were days where i use my iphone not that much and i wouldnt need to recharge my iphone for 2 or even 3 days. A few things you can do to fix a battery that isnt lasting as long as it used to. Share. Tweet. Share. Share. Email. Comments. Apples iPhone is among the most powerful, feature-rich smartphones on the market today — fully capable of handling even the most demanding tasks, and oftentimes multiple of them, like pure clock-work. Anyone else have issues getting a full charge on iPhone 4S after updating to ios 7.0? Its draining noticable faster - battery drains faster than itIm on the latest BIOS with all current updates. I am not using Hibernate mode. Closing the lid shoud not cause battery to continue to drain at normal Other Apple Phones.

iPhone 4. iPhone battery draining faster than normal. « iPhone (no 3G) vs Storm (3G) | X-Traverse.com - simple web app for transferring data to/from the iPhone ». IPhone :: 4S Battery Is Draining Faster Than Before?IPhone 5s :: Battery Draining Really FastDo you all think I have a problem or is this normal performance for the iPhone4 battery? New Battery Faster iPhone.

Fix Kits starting at 16.99. Buy Now.- After that everything got back to normal.My iPhone is about 2 1/2 years old and battery life is getting a lot poorer, drains fast on standby and shuts off at 20. IPhone 4S vs iPhone 4 Battery. Yes the iPhone 4S is faster than the previous iPhones. However, it will come at a price since most smartphone batteries do not currently have storage capacity to power the phone for more than a few hours. The battery just drained so fast in only a couple of hours.My iphone 4 just started to warm up and the battery is draining quick.Once I updated the password, reenabled the profile my battery life returned to normal. Some users are indicating the iPhone 4S battery isnt lasting as long as expected, this comes alongside separate reports of iOS 5 battery life draining quicker than usual. While some of the 4S battery life complaints could be attributed to the Adam Coomes 466,438 views 2:12. battery drains much faster than normal. Around the same time, my wife complained to me that her iPhone 4S was getting hot for no reason, and the battery was draining quickly. Iphone 4s battery drain fix - Продолжительность: 2:44 ittai izakov 33 450 просмотров.How To Speed Up iOS 9 and Make it FASTER MORE BATTERY LIFE - Продолжительность: 4:12 Muzaffar Moorad 182 759 просмотров. Most of us find our mobile phone and tablet battery draining fast, especially, iPhone and iPad.In the post of How to Make iPhone Faster, we have mentioned that turning on background App Refresh can slow down your iPhone. Thanks to this great research on Low Power Mode battery drain by Matt Birchler at BirchTree, it looks like your iPhone lasts between 33 44 longer than normal usage.My iPhone battery drains fast, what gives? Why is my iPhone battery life bad? Why Does My Iphone Battery So Fast How To Fix Boost Iphone Ipad Ipod Battery.How To Check To See If Battery Is Going Bad On Apple Iphone 4s Recording Test Drains Fas. Surely sounds like heavy battery drain, which causes the heat. Is that iPhone jailbroken and which iOS version does it run?After the upgrade, the Exchange would cause rapid battery drainage. But after resetting MS Exchange (I dont know what he did), the battery consumption went back to normal. When the iPhone boots up, it should very quickly cool off and run at normal I hope they release a fix soon because this is bad, iOS 7.1 had great battery life. iPhone 4 should have stopped at iOS 6 for optimal performance Since i updated to ios 8 battery drains very fast and charges so slow. ios 8.1 Your belief that startMonitoringSignificantLocationChanges consumes the battery really fast is likely incorrect. Cell tower changes usually occur far less frequently than movements of 100 meters. And an iPhone checks for this event even when idle and all apps are sleeping. Over the last few days my iphone 4s battery seems to be draining a lot faster than usual.Thanks to this great research on Low Power Mode battery drain by Matt Birchler at BirchTree, it looks like your iPhone lasts between 33 44 longer than normal usage. Cell Phone Repair teamed up with Torontos Global News to conduct an experiment to see how iPhones react to the cold and learned that two identical devices exhibited different power drainage depending on the temperatures they were exposed to. Troubleshooting for iPhone Battery Draining Fast. written by: Stephanie M. Lucasedited by: Simon Hillupdated: 5/18/2011.If you have an iPhone 3G or 3GS, your battery life will be roughly 30-40 less than that of an iPhone 4. iPhone 4s battery draining fast. by kimmysarmiento / December 7, 2016 6:26 PM PST.Lately, the battery drained fast. Is anyone with the same problem resolved the issue without replacing their battery? battery is costly. One unhappy iPhone user said, "My iPhone 4S battery seem to drain much faster than usual, and charge longer. My battery drains to 50 [percent] within an hour or so after intense use on the lowest level of brightness." If you are playing an online video game it will drain the battery faster than reading an electronic book. You can see which apps are using the most battery power.This drains the battery, but the processes will eventually cease and battery life should return to normal. Im going to tell you exactly why your iPhone battery drains so quickly and exactly how to fix it. Ill explain how you can get longer battery life out of your iPhone without sacrificing functionality. Take my word for it Battery drains faster than normal after restoring iOS 9.2 on iPhone 6 Plus.Anyone elses Iphone 6s Draining battery faster after IOS 9.3 update? I updated to 9 3 last week and I have NEVER had battery issues with any of the iphones I have had I had iphone since 4S I got the 6S awhile back Why does the battery life on the iPhone 4s drain so fast than in the regular iPhone 4?Ive had my iphone for about a month and just yesterday Ive noticed the battery has been draining about 1 every 5 minutes from NORMAL use. However, sometimes good bits go bad and you experience your battery draining faster than normal.Limit Battery Drainage On iOS 9 With These Tips. The factors enlisted below apply to all iOS devices that including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Why does the iPhone 4Ss battery life seem to be so much worse than the iPhone 4? Why might my iPhone 4S battery start draining fast suddenly?What is the normal life of bike battery? IPhone 6 Plus offers better battery life, and manages to last around two hours more than iPhone 6s battery.If the network coverage is poor, your battery will drain even faster. Part 2. How to fix iPhone battery drain issue. Im used to the fast battery drain on this phone, but today it started acting up. I charged it at work to 100, I took it off the charger and immediately it dropped to 99, 15-20 seconds later, 98, a few seconds later, 97. Why does my iPhone 5 battery draining like crazy? It was on 80 like 20 mins ago and now its already on 71. I have all my apps closed.What can I do about iOS 7 draining my iPhone 5 battery? iPhone 4S Battery Draining Fast. From: Internet Comment Copy link October 2.This works if you noticed your battery not lasting as long as normal immediately after you did a software update. Also this has been seen after other big ios updates. Home » Hardware » Mobile Phones » Is Your iPhone Battery Draining Too Fast?And by restoring your iPhone, things will get back to normal and you will have a better battery life. Abie, is a freelance article writer and professional blogger. The battery is draining very fast.In normal usage, I have to charge my iPhone 2x a day. Ive red a lot about it on the apple forum, but without any result. My battery is already replaced for a new one, but still the some issue. Is your iPhone 7 battery draining fast?The problems regarding the battery life of iPhone 7 are already popping up for new users. If youre sure your phone s battery is draining faster than normal, youve come to the right place. I have a Nexus 5 and I know the battery life isnt the greatest on this model of phone but its drained faster than normal the last couple of days so I wentHello guys. should i upgrade to ios 7 on iphone 4s? i heard alot of battery drain problems in iPhone 4s, is it true? for all phones? should i upgrade IPhone hot, Battery draining fast, dataaccessd crashing repeatedly.

I have been having problems where I find my iPhone battery has drained more quickly than normal, and I find it warmer than normal. She was reporting an issue with her battery draining faster than ever experienced before without any apps open or extraneous use. Her iPhone 4S was just discharging and running on empty way too fast to be attributed to anything she had done since adopting the phone. If you also have a fast draining battery on the new iPhone 5, I hope this can help you too. Note: I am running iOS 6.0.1 and experienced the fast battery drain.After this, the CPU load is back to normal again when idling (1-3). Now follow these 10 proven tips to fix the issue your iPhone battery draining fast all of a suddenEnabling Low Power Mode would make your iPhone battery last for several hours longer than in normal mode. Is Your iPhone Battery Draining Faster Than Normal? iOS 10.1.1 Could Be the Culprit.3. Mophie Juice Pack Air iPhone 6/6s Battery Case 50 OFF Protect Your iPhone Use It For Longer with 2750mAh of Extra Battery Power. > iphone 4S battery draining! Get the My O2 app. Track usage, upgrade and more with our new look app.I hope someone can help with thisOver the last few days my iphone 4s battery seems to be draining a lot faster than usual. 3. The active state of push mail can also drain the iPhone batteries fast. The best solution is deactivating the push mail by navigating to Settings -> Mail->Contacts->Calendars, Fetch New Data and turn Push to Off. Also my work got this really cool thing called a ChargeAll is a universal cell phone charger that chargers iPhones and blackberries 50 faster than the normal charger.My iphone 4s battery draining so fast even i put it on airplane mode Apple iPhone 4S users worried about the devices battery draining rapidly can take steps to prevent the problem. Heres a rundown of what may be causing the problem and how you can fix it. It appears that the location services system in iOS 5 is one issue that has something to do with it. So youve carried out the tests and come to the conclusion that your iPhone suffers from a battery drain issue. What do you do next?

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