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If you are faced with such a situation and have missed the income tax proof submission deadline given to you by your employer or have made investments after the deadline dates but before the end of the tax year (i.e. 31st March) Asked 1 year ago in Income Tax from Bangalore, Karnataka. You need to obtain a medical certificate as mandated u/s 80DD(4),as underYou need to produce the certificate only if you are called upon to do by the Income Tax Department. If you have missed the income tax proof submission deadline, you still have a way to claim tax deductions and get refund for the higher taxes deducted from the Income Tax Department. This article talks about Income Tax Proof Submission to the Employer, Why does one need to declare the investments to employer? Income before income taxes. 27,052. 22,267. 28,071. The items accounting for the difference between income taxes computed at the U.S. federal statutory rate and our effective rate were as follows Who are dependent to claim income tax benefits Section 80DD.Tax Deduction Limits. A fixed deduction of Rs. 75, 000 can be claimed if you satisfy the conditions of section 80DD of income tax Act, 1961. This is governed by section 80DD of Income-tax Act. Eligibility for 80DD. This exemption applies to individuals and HUFs resident in India. A dependent could be a spouse, child, parent, brother or sister of the individual. Please clarify on Sec 80DD exemption dependent medical exp upto 75000 less than 80 disablity but two dependent exp claim Rs 150000 or Rs 75000 only - Income Tax. Income Tax Investment Proof submission date.Income Tax benefits, Tax Saving,Exemptions,Deductions.Section 80C : To claim tax deductions under 80c, you can submit below investment documents as proofs Investment limit under section 80C of the Income-Tax Act raised from Rs.1 lakh to Rs.

You can not claim tax benefit on health insurance premium paid for your in-laws Proof of payment of premium has to be furnished, in order to avail the tax benefit. The dual income tax system levies a proportional tax rate on all net income (capital, wage and pension income less deductions) combined with progressive tax rates on gross labour and pension income.

Section 80DD of the IT act provides you a facility of claiming a deduction if you have a handicapped dependent. How much income tax can you save?You need to have a proof of disability for your dependent to claim deduction under section 80DD. Section 80DD comes in the law of India Income Tax Deductions.Accordingly it shall be stated as the income to be chargeable under income tax as the income of the previous year. How much will be the deduction in section 80dd of Income tax act? The Federal Income Tax is a marginal income tax collected by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on most types of personal and business income. The federal income tax consists of six marginal tax brackets, ranging from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 39.6. Section 80DD - Income Tax - Bare Act. For section 80DD of the Income-tax Act, the following section shall be substituted with effect from the 1st day of April, 2004, namely Claiming Medical Expenses as Income Tax Deduction or Tax Exempt expense by spending on family.A verification certificate of the illness from an authorized medical practitioner will suffix as proof for claiming deduction under Section 80DD. Income tax is a tax on the total income of a person called the assessee of the previous year relevant to the assessment year at the ratesAny other time not covered above or Year of payment proof not attached with return. Illustration-12: ABC Limited pays Sales Tax for the financial year 2011-12. The Income Tax Act provides for various income tax deductions which can be claimed at the time of filing of income tax returns. The total taxable income (after reducing the income tax deductions that have been claimed) would be taxed as per the Income tax slab rates of the individual. section 80dd income tax. sec 80dd income tax. Most Viewed PicturesFeb. Xbox 360 Wallpaper Black. In India we have two corresponding sections under the Income Tax Act, 1961 which allows fixed deduction irrespective of expenses to the care taker or to the assessee itself for the disability. Here we have a brief summary for the both Sec. 80DD. Medical treatment for handicapped dependant or payment to specified scheme for maintenance of handicapped dependant.Claim Deductions and Save Tax even when you missed income tax proof submission deadline. As per income tax under 80DD it is clear that I can claim for tax benifit. My father is an addict. i have kept him in rehabilitaion centre.If so what are the other proof of expense required. kindly inform me. Subject: income-tax deduction from salaries during the financial year 2011-2012 under section 192 of the2.1.2.8 TAN stated in quarterly e-TDS/TCS statement is not present in TAN Master. database and deductor/collector does not submit any proof of TAN stated in. 80DD Tax Rebate Kirti Kulkarni | Posted on: 20130923. Share this Article. Disabled persons are often dependent on others financially and otherwise.This is governed by section 80DD of Income-tax Act. Income Tax worries? Find out how your investments in best performing mutual fund and insurance cover for your family can save you taxes.Tax payment challan, if any: If you have paid advance tax, you need to attach the proof. The present rule, however, is more detailed and would, therefore, require the attention of those who would be availing themselves of the benefit of the tax relief provided under section 80DD and 80U.80DD and sub-section (2) of Sec. 80U, the assessee shall furnish along with the return of income, a Section 80DD of Income Tax Act offers tax deductions on medical expenses of disabled individuals. Also check eligibility and deduction limit.Income Tax Services. In Person Tax PreparationGet an expert to file your taxes at any HR Block office. Income tax under 80DD. Hi, My father is a senior citizen, and currently fully bedridden(100). As he has zero movement of his body. Currently i am fully looking after him and bearing all his Medical expenses. Deduction for maintenance / medical treatment of dependent (u/s 80DD). Tick if 80DD is claimed.Income Liable to Tax at Normal Rate. --- Short Term Capital Gains (Covered u/s 111A). If you have missed the income tax proof submission deadline, you still have a way to claim tax deductions and get refund for the higher taxes deducted from the Income Tax Department. GALLERY: 80dd Income Tax. Question Brother of Mr. Raja (a resident) is totally blind and is dependent on Mr. Raja. During the Assessment year 2016-17, Mr. Raja has incurred expenditure of Rs. 3 Income Tax Proof Submission - Guidelines (2016-17) Sl.No Particulars Guideline Supporting documentation required to be submitted 1 Previous employment details Mandatory documents to be submitted: a) Soft copy of Original Final Tax Computation Statement copy for the financial year Labels: income tax, Income tax Acts, income tax slabs, Section 80DD, Tax Savings.Below are list of proofs or documents which are required to submitted for claiming Tax exemption on house Loan Interest Under Section 24 income tax act 1961.

Income Tax Deductions Deductible Allowances List of Investment Proofs .Section 80C: The employees can submit the following investment proofs so as to claim the tax deductions under section 80c Income Tax: Section 80DD. Genesis Academy. ЗагрузкаAmendments By FA 2015 For May 2016 CA IPCC Sections 80DD 80U 80DDB - Продолжительность: 3:25 Neeraj Arora 3 824 просмотра. File Income Tax Return - Tax2win. The Essential List of Proofs for Income Tax Declarations. December 31, 2016 - Blogs, Income Tax Help.30,000/-). 80DD. Expenditure on Dependents with Disability. Income Tax Master Configuration. Example 6: Below is the list of Investment Details as provided by the Employees for Deductions under section 80D, 80DD, 80E etc.Income Tax Reports. Figure 4.5 Tax Computation based on Proof Value. Labels: income tax, Income tax Acts, income tax slabs, Section 80DD, Tax Savings.Below are list of proofs or documents which are required to submitted for claiming Tax exemption on house Loan Interest Under Section 24 income tax act 1961. Know the options to save tax deductions under section 80 of Income tax act India.This deduction can be availed by all assessee, subject to them offering a proof of payment, with the deductions limit decided depending on some factors. If yes, you could be saving income tax under section 80DD of the Income Tax Act.What are the requirements? You need to have a proof of disability for your dependent to claim deduction under section 80DD. In this post, i will not discuss nitty gritty of tax savings or whether you availed all the deductions or not. This post will discuss being a salaried taxpayer what all points to check or taken care of to avoid mistakes before submission of Income Tax Investment Proof. Submitting proofs for income tax declarations can be a tough time for any salaried person. But dont worry, our expert CAs have compiled a list of documents that youd be required to submit to your HR when they ask you for income tax declaration proofs. Concessions under 8ODD income tax. The following section 8ODD shall be substituted for the existing section 80DD by the Finance Act, 2003. w.e.f. 1-4-2004: Deduction in respect of maintenance including medical treatment of a dependant who is a person with disability. Therefore, government exempt the rent from income tax. However, you are not entitled to get this exemption automatically.The LTA can be claimed only twice in a three year block. You have to produce the proof of travelling. Under 80DD parents/guardians can claim an income tax benefit of Rs.75,000/- which is directly deductable from your income This is available regardless of the amount of expense incurred and documentation of the full amount is not required. The Indian Government with the intention to allow some sort of relief to these groups of people especially people dependent with disability or on severe disability may now be provided some help through the Income tax under Section 80DD of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The Income Tax Department NEVER asks for your PIN numbers, passwords or similar access information for credit cards, banks or other financial accounts through e-mail. The Income Tax Department appeals to taxpayers NOT to respond to such All of us go through the same dilemma of finding out which is the most appropriate method of reducing our income tax liability. Most of us dont plan about tax liability in the beginning of the financial year and get startled when the accounts department asks for tax saving investment proof. Why Employers Ask for Tax Saving Investment Proofs? Employers are responsible to deduct income tax (TDS Tax deduction at source) from salary paid to its employees and deposit the same to income tax department. Once youve got proof, send the form or letter to the foreign tax authority. If youve already paid tax on your foreign income.You usually still get relief even if there isnt an agreement, unless the foreign tax doesnt correspond to UK Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax.

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