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Etymology Historical Origin - Julie. The name Julie is French and stems from Latin Julia, the female form of the male given name Julius.The name likely developed from the Greek ioulos meaning downy-bearded or soft-haired. Everything name meaning, origin, pronunciation, numerology, popularity and more information about Julia at NAMEANING.NET.It is famously borne by actresses Julia Foster and Julia Roberts. French Meaning: The name Julia is a French baby name. What does Julia mean? Julia as a girls name is pronounced joo-lee-AH, zhoo-lee-AH. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Julia is "youthful Joves child". Feminine of Julius. Used among the early Christians, but seldom found in the Middle Ages. Meaning History. Feminine form of the Roman family name JULIUS. Among the notable women from this family were Julia Augusta (also known as Livia Drusilla), the wife of Emperor Augustus, and Julia the Elder, the daughter of Augustus and the wife of Tiberius. Meaning And Numerology Predictions For Name Julia. Julia is a classic girl name which is originated from english.

A is for accomplished, in all that you do. What is origin of name Julia. Julia Name Origin : The origin of the name Julia is Roman baby names.If you know more about Julia name meaning, please send us feedback, we are looking forward your contributions. Please read all sections of the name Julia. Name Finder Browse Name List Random Names Danish Names Faroese Names Finnish Names Greenlandic Names Icelandic Names Norwegian Names Sami Names Swedish Names More Nordic Names Bibliography F.A.QOrigin and Meaning. 1) Female form of Julius [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]. Baby Names Home > Julia-Jayne -- Meaning, Origin, and/or Other Information.This eMedTV article provides a detailed overview of the name Julia-Jayne, including its origin and meaning. Here are some names that are spelled similarly to Julia -Jayne. The meaning, origin and history of the name Julia. www.

behindthename.com. Origin, meaning and history of the name Julia: fem. proper name, from Latin Iulia, fem. of Iulius (see Julius). Variant of Julia.ENDS WITH -ya This Name is Associated with : russian, youthful(This meaning has been viewed 14673 times on BabyNDB Network).Yuliya name meaning,Origin Image to Save and Share. What does Julia mean? The name Julia is of Latin origin. The meaning of Julia is "downy-bearded, soft haired, implying youthful". Julia is generally used as a girls name. It consists of 5 letters and 3 syllables and is pronounced Ju-li-a. Anda bisa download atau unduh gambar/file mengenai Julia name meaning and origin untuk dijadikan referensi atau panduan sesuai keinginan anda tanpa perlu meminta izin dari kami. . . Name Meaning and Biblical Context of Julia.The Biblical baby name Julia is Latin in origin and its meaning is soft-haired, youthful. Julia is pronounced joo-lee-ah. Julia was one of the early Christians at Rome, to whom Paul sent his salutations. Instead, we recommend that you pay a greater attention to the origin and meaning of the name Julia.

Read our baby name articles for useful tips regarding baby names and naming your baby. Julia is usually a womans given name. It is a Latinate feminine form of the name Julio and Julius. Julius was a Roman family, derived from a founder Julus, the son of Aeneas and Creusa in Roman mythology, although the names etymology may possibly derive from Greek (ioulos) What Does Name "Julia" Mean. You are honest, benevolent, brilliant and often inventive, full of high inspirations. You are courageous, honest, determined, original and creative. You are a leader, especially for a cause. What does Julia mean and its numerology, definition, origin, popularity and very interesting information.Meaning of Julia: Feminine form of JULIUS. A person by this name has a brief mention in the New Testament. Julia Ann Name Meaning. Historically, surnames evolved as a way to sort people into groups - by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and even physical characteristics (like red hair). There are multiple origins and meanings for the name Julia: 1. Comes from the Latin word Iulius meaning - "born in July". Julia gens - was a patrician family at Ancient Rome of Jupiter genus. All Pregnancy topics. Julia Girls name meaning, origin, and popularity. See the boy version of this name.Learn more about a name. See name meaning, origin, popularity, and related names. Julia name meaning and origin.Julia name also used in these origins : Lebanese , Finnish , Irish , Polish , Jamaican. Learn about the name Julia: meaning, origin, popularity, and more!Related Articles. 20 Best Celebrity Baby Names. 6 Quirky Places to Find Middle Name Inspiration. 1000 Most Popular Girl Names. of Name Jalen Evan Name Meaning Isabella Name Meaning Angelica Name Meaning Anthony Name Meaning Name Origins and Meanings First Name Meanings Baby Girl Names andJULIA Name Art Canvas with Name Meaning and Scripture 400 x 320 jpeg 13kB. www.pinterest.com. What does the name Julia mean? True meaning of name Julia free.Meaning of the name Julia. Julia all meanings: Active, Competent, Modern, Generous, Friendly, Temperamental, Lucky, Mindful, Cheerful, Volatile, Serious, Creative. Gender: F Meaning of Julia: "youthful" Origin of Julia: Latin Julias Popularity in 2016: 88. Please Register or Login. Were excited that you have an opinion about the name Julia. Julia is a widely used name it has 82 forms that are used in both English and foreign languages. English forms of Julia comprise Gillie definition, meaning of Giulia (used in Italian as well), baby name Giulianna, Giulie meaning of name, Huria meaning and origin, Jiulia name variations New Car 2018 - Julia Name Origin. Julia - Wikipedia - Julia is usually a womans given name.Behind the Name: Meaning of Names, Baby Name Meanings - Feminine form of the Roman family name JULIUS. Usage: Julie, of latin origin, is a very popular first name. It is more often used as a girl (female) name. People having the name Julie are in general originatingJulie is a popular French first name which originally comes from the Latin Julia which could mean youthful, soft-haired, beautiful or vivacious. The meaning of the name Julia The name Julia has three versions of the origin. The first States that the name came to us from the Greek languag Origin of Julie. French. Search Again.Meaning of name Origin of name Names meaning Names starting with Names of origin. Meaning of the name Julia: Feminine form of the Latin Julius, an old Roman family name thougth to be derived from Iulus (the first down on the chin, downy-bearded).Origin of the name Julia Religion use of baby name Julianames with similar meaningClick Here For More Origin of Baby Name Julia from different languages Usages Countries. JULIE is Female gender and origin is English. JULIE means: French form of Roman Latin Julia, JULIE means "descended from Jupiter (Jove)." What is the name meaning and origin of JULIE ? name origins julie. julia name origin.juliet name meaning and origin. by Origin.In Latin the meaning of the name Julia is: Young. The feminine form of Julius. A character in Shakespeares play Two Gentlemen of Verona. Meaning of name Julie. Etymology : French form of JULIA.Origin : French. Rate this first name : Find our baby names ranking! You are searching for Julie name meaning and origin, Below listing suggest some keywords related this keyword and listing websites with same content.Complete 2017 information on the meaning of Julia, its origin, history, pronunciation, popularity, variants and more as a baby girl name. Julia, Meaning of Julia - History and Origin, What does Julia mean ? Name: JuliaMeaning: Soft-Haired, YouthfulGender: GirlsOrign: LatinLetter: JLetters in name: 5 Popular surnames with this name Julia name meaning origin baby name wizard. Maisie meaning of name maisie.Ann-julie - meaning of ann-julie what does ann-julie mean. Search results name celine the best hair style. Julia Meaning. Feminine form of Julius. A person by this name has a brief mention in the New Testament.A famous bearer is American actress Julia Roberts (1967-). Julia originates in Latin language and means "soft-haired". JULIE is Female gender and origin is English. JULIE means: French form of Roman Latin Julia, JULIE means "descended from Jupiter (Jove)." What is the name meaning and origin of JULIE ? Julia Name Julia - Meaning of Julia Baby name: Julia Copyright and exclusive service of TuParada.com - Saludos y Regalos S.A.Meaning and origin of names for printing and framing. Read the name meaning, origin, pronunciation, and popularity of the baby name Julia for girls.An original form of the name is Julia (Latin). The Roman first name was borne in the Bible by a woman whom Paul addressed in his Epistle to the Romans. Names J Ju Jul Julie. Meaning name Julie French form of Roman Latin Julia, meaning "descended from Jupiter (Jove)." Here i will explain about Julie Name Meaning Origin Baby Name Wizard.But in this post i will explain The baby girl name julia is of latin origin. julia meaning, julia popularity, julia hieroglyphics, julia numerology, and other interesting facts. more clearly than another blog. Pronunciation, Variants and Shortened forms of the Italian Girl name Julia.Baby Names Wizard is a program working on unique algorithm based on analysis of parents names, origins and meanings. Click here to put this program on your site or blog for free! Home. Julie Name Meaning And Origin. Popular Cliparts. Free Clip Art Computer Printer.Julia Name Meaning And Origin. Julia meaning. The name Julia means Downy or Hairy, which is probably kind of awful for a girl, but since Julia originated as the name of a male deity, not at all unusual. Other Biblical names that may mean Hairy are: Esau and Seir. The name Julia means Youthful. in French. The history of Julia originates from a French background. Browse for all the origins, histories, and meanings of Julia and over 40,000 other names.

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