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After blowing away the competition in New Hampshire, Donald Trump has his eyes on the next prize: South Carolina. So does the rest of the GOP field. With reliable polling so far virtually nonexistent here, the shrunken crew of Republican candidates descended upon the state on Wednesday, eager to The incoming fire appears to have taken a toll in South Carolina, a state thatBut new polls released this week show Cruz trailing by double digits, with Trump poised for a huge win inCruz also used the moment to slap at Rubio, accusing him of obfuscating his personal record during Saturdays debate Donald Trump still is leading the S.C. Republican presidential race after the weekends explosive GOP debate in Greenville.Behind Trump, who has 35 percent support in a new poll, U.S. Sens.Have discussions about topics tagged with CBS, Debate, Donald Trump, GOP, South Carolina, Trump Donald Trump gets fired up during a debate in Greenville, South Carolina.If he wins easily in South Carolina after his monstrous turn, hell be going straight to the Republican nomination. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump acknowledges photographers after speaking at a campaign rally in Baton Rouge, La.Donald Trump doesnt seem to have lost any support in South Carolina following Saturday nights debate, said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. Its possible the debate helped Rubio, whos tied for second in both post- debate South Carolina polls after being in third or fourth in most pre-debate polls. But the early data shows that Rubios gains are hurting John Kasich and Jeb Bush rather than Trump. If Trump can win in South Carolina after that, hes totally smashed the entire Kabuki theater of our modern politics and I think the folks deeplyTrump Holds Lead In South Carolina. Republican Race Status Quo in First Post- Debate Poll. Trump Leads In New Hampshire, But Kasich Rises. Voters in South Carolina are less apt to say they trust Trump on social issues and on foreign policy, yet he is still near the top of the list of preferred candidates even on those issues.The poll suggests Trumps support may have softened after Saturdays debate among the GOP candidates. Changes since the last poll before the debate. Trump down 2 from 35 to 33.Cruz is dropping out after SC so do not waste your vote and support Trump.

Pray America wakes. 5 posted on 02/15/2016 3:57:05 PM PST by bray ( Trump/Palin 2016). The CBS News Battleground Tracker poll shows that Donald Trump keeps a large lead in South Carolina, bolstered by support from conservatives and also from evangelical voters, who make up a large share of the electorate here. Marco Rubio (R) of Florida after a Republican presidential primary debate in Manchester, N.HFeb.

6, 2016.Thats our immediate reaction to a new poll out of South Carolina that shows Mr. Trump maintaining a wide lead in the state. Greenville, South Carolina February 13, 2016. Following the heated Republican debate on Saturday that sparked a fierce battle between Donald Trump and Jeb Bush, a new poll reveals that the business mogul isSamson Actor Shares Christian Practice He Will Continue After Working on Biblical Film. A new CNN poll of South Carolina shows Donald Trump with a broad lead over the rest of the Republican field in the third stage of the GOPs 2016 race.After the debate, however, Trump was polling at 31 percent support. Before the remaining contenders take to the stage in Greenville, South Carolina, for the debate Saturday night, heres a look at the latest polling numbers indicating where they stand as they begin to look toward Super Tuesday (March 1). Billionaire Businessman Donald Trump. After all, the polls had Trump way ahead in South Carolina, many of whose voters are still fond of "W. " And theres a hefty military presence in the state to boot. After the debate, Trumps charge gathered a terrifying head of steam and became at least in the minds of some gurus and hopeful Democrats Also Cruz supporters keep reminding us that the polls were wrong in Iowa, because Iowa and South Carolina voting is completely identical and parallel.Its a 6 day poll with the final 2 being exclusively after the debate. Personally I do think Trump has seen a drop in support following the debate most Rancorous Republican debate sees Trump all out against Bush. Obama confirms he will nominate supreme court justice.A new CBS/YouGov poll in South Carolina gives Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton solid leads in the state, less than a week before the vote on 20 February How does the South Carolina GOP race stand after the wild debate on Saturday night? Two polls paint contrasting pictures. A poll commissioned by the South Carolina GOP House Caucus paints a bleak picture, as far as Im concerned. It has Donald Trump way ahead at 33 percent. After the Saturday night debate: 35-19 Trump. Now, one thing on these polls: You know, were prisoners to these polls and we have to accept them.By the way, in this poll, Trump is up eight points in the last two weeks, which includes the Republican debate Saturday night in South Carolina. In the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist Poll of South Carolina conducted after Saturdays GOP debate, businessman Donald Trump, 28, edges Texas Senator Ted Cruz, 23, by only 5 points among likely Republican primary voters statewide including those who are undecided yet Trump leads Ted Cruz 42 percent to 20 percent, in the new CBS South Carolina Battleground Tracker released Sunday. Marco Rubio comes in third, at 15 percent. The poll released does not have data from days after Saturdays GOP debate The poll has a margin of error of 3.3 percentage points. The GOP poll suggests Trumps debate performance in which he criticized former President George W. Bush forFlorida massacre revives SCs school safety debate. Plan to outlaw all abortions in South Carolina gets OK from Senate panel. PPPs new South Carolina poll continues to find Donald Trump with a wide lead in the state. Theres been a lot of speculation that Trump might take on water after attacking George W. Bush on Saturday night, and Bush is relatively popular with 64 of voters seeing him favorably to 25 who Trump Wins South Carolina, Is Poised to See His Streak Continue. Sign In Sign Up.Next up after that contest will be Super Tuesday, which is dominated with the type of southern states that, according to polls, seem eager to buy what Trump has been selling on the stump. Trump, who won New Hampshire handily on Tuesday after placing second in Iowa on Feb. 1, has a big lead in the polls in South Carolina.Heading into the debate, Trump was taking swipes at Cruz and Bush, who finished third and fourth in the New Hampshire primary. Rush Limbaugh was analyzing that Mr. Trump was already after the democrat voters, this because South Carolina is an open primary state.The GOP poll suggests Trumps debate performance in which he criticized former President George W. Bush for the 9/11 attacks may not be hurting the GOP Republican Debate In South Carolina. Donald Trump.Trump: IM A Common Sense Conservative - After CBS Debate - Americas Election HQ - Продолжительность: 6:22 Mass Tea Party - Wake Up America! Read the Full Transcript of the Ninth Republican Debate in South Carolina. By TIME Staff.Weve spent 5 (BELL RINGING). TRUMP: Lindsey Graham, who backs him, had zero on his polls. Theres only one real question heading into the CBS News Republican debate on Saturday: Can anyone stop Donald Trump? The billionaire front-runner is coming off a big win in New Hampshire, has led polls in South Carolina for months Donald Trump is going to go two-for-two in the early primaries, according to the South Carolina polls. The Headline Numbers.13 debate to after it.whose polling outfit conducted the survey, said the poll shows Trump appears to be holding his lead after last Tuesdays GOP presidential debate.12-15. In the poll, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is in fifth place with 6.4 percent and U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is in sixth with 3.2 After Saturday nights debate in South Carolina, many observers were expecting Donald Trump to be hurt by his performance.A poll conducted by the South Carolina House Republican Caucus has Trump leading with 33 percent of the vote. In Saturdays CBS Republican presidential debate Donald Trump was the biggest loser.TRUMP: Lindsey Graham, who backs him, had zero on his polls.This is about the South Carolina families that need someone to be a commander in chief that can lead. The poll suggests Trumps support may have softened after Saturdays debate among the GOP candidates.On the other hand, the polls in South Carolina right now are strikingly consistent in placing Trump in the mid- to high 30s. Donald Trumps Iowa Rally at the same time as GOP debate. See Gallery.In South Carolina, polls of likely primary voters also find him with a wide margin over the next closest Republican, Ted Cruz. Heres the rub: Two-thirds of likely voters in South Carolina are not supporting Trump. An ARG poll that was in the field during the two days leading up to the debateThe Weekly Standards Stephen Hayes: After last weeks stumbles, Rubio probably needed the debate of his life this week. He got it. Polls show Trump with the lead in South Carolina ahead of the Feb.Republicans will debate three more times after this week. Democrats have four more debates on the schedule. The next Republican debate is set for Feb. The Republican race in South Carolina has edged closer a day before voters cast their ballots, according to a new poll that shows Donald J. Trump and Senator Ted Cruz neck and neck.Conducted after the first two nomination contests and the latest Republican presidential debate, Mr After a Saturday debate in South Carolina that saw Donald Trump bombarded with heavy booing, polls show that the New York billionaire and reality TV personality has not only maintained his massive lead in the state, he actually expanded his dominant polling margin. (Breitbart) A new Bloomberg poll of South Carolina shows Donald Trump maintaining a strong lead in the state heading into Saturdays primary.

The poll, conducted by Iowas Ann Selzer, was conducted after the GOP debate last Saturday. Some analysts predicted that Trumps anti-Bush broadsides would undercut his support in South Carolina, whose Republican primary is Saturday and where many GOP voters are military veterans. But the four latest polls of Palmetto State Republicans — all conducted after the debate 2020 Primary Schedule 2016 Debate Schedule -- 2016 Presidential Debate Schedule -- 2016 Republican Debate Schedule -- 2016 Democratic Debate ScheduleDonald Trump was declared the winner in South Carolina Republican Primary just about 45 minutes after the polls closed at 7pm ET. George W Bush will be joining his brother on the campaign trail in South Carolina ahead of Saturdays primary election. Polls currently show Mr Trump with a significant advantage in the state. Mr Rubio had slumped in the polls ahead of the New Hampshire primary after a disastrous debate performance in Donald Trump holds a commanding 16-point lead over his Republican primary rivals in South Carolina, a new CNN/ORC poll shows.and Monday: In other words, the poll was conducted after a highly raucous Saturday night debate in which Trump challenged the 9/11 legacy of the Bush In that poll Trump has 35 percent, while Cruz and Rubio each have 18 percent of South Carolina Republicans backing them for president and John Kasich is at 10 percent. Both polls were put into the field on Sunday after an explosive GOP debate on Saturday night that saw Republican president A new CBS News poll in South Carolina finds Donald Trump leading the GOP race with 42, followed by Ted Cruz at 20, Marco Rubio at 15I expected a small Trump bump out of New Hampshire, but after last nightsum, interesting? debate Im more curious to see the effect on upcoming polls. "Donald Trump doesnt seem to have lost any support in South Carolina following Saturday nights debate," Dean Debnam, PPPs president, saidKasich appeared to receive a bump after his second-place finish in New Hampshire. Several polls conducted earlier this month have seen him emerging CLEMSON, South Carolina — Donald Trump leads the GOP presidential field among South Carolinians who voted in recent primaries, according to a new Clemson UniversityThe telephone survey of 650 respondents this week began Sunday, the day after the Republican debate in Greenville. The morning after that debate r/politics (basically an outpost of the Sanders campaign at this point) had a bunch of posts praising Trump reach its top 25.Trumps lead in South Carolina is undiminished in post-debate polls. The win is Trumps second in the first three, early-state contests and now focuses the debate onIn his South Carolina victory speech, Trump said, Lets put this thing away. To be sure, TrumpRubio told Fox News Sunday that he has a real sense of optimism after South Carolina.Cruz told ABCs This Week that Trump is a formidable candidate but polls show a majority of voters dont

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